Rob Goldstein — “Performance of the Year” nominee (San Francisco, Ca.)


The first round of voting for this year’s “Performance of the Year” begins tomorrow at The Public Blogger. As I mentioned earlier, it’s sort of like the blogging world’s version of The Oscars, with a little American Idle thrown in. And for everyone’s sake it’s a good thing “So You Think You Can Dance” wasn’t a part of it. Otherwise, eliminations would be people going to the hospital after dancing with me.

Anyway, there are 11 nominees, and one of us will be voted out each week until Dec. 30.

Between now and tomorrow evening at 7 p.m., when voting begins, I’m going to feature each nominee so you get a chance to see their work. There are five genres represented — artists, writers, photographers and singers. Oh, and one humorist *puts hands in pockets and whistles off key*

Please take the opportunity to vote tomorrow, even if it’s not for me. Details are at the bottom of this post… along with a photo of my four teens looking proudly at their father. But please, don’t let the thought of their disappointment should I not get voted through influence your decision at all…

In the meantime, meet mental health activist, artist, blogger and poet Rob Goldstein.



In the Darkness of Your Night

In this black

of your night.

I can touch you,

I can smell you;

I can feel your hot

breath on my cheek

when you whisper

that I am evil

that God watches

that surely I will go to Hell

for what you’ve done

so I lay here

I go numb

I can’t know

I won’t know

I will not know

what you’ve done.

I remember

And I forget

Why I’m wicked

Why I’m frightened

Why I want to

bleed this pain

for love.

I forget why

I lay here,

in this darkness,

in this fear,

in this black

of your night.

Visit his blog HERE


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