Hurry! Vote before Donald Trump finds out!

Don't let my offer of a grilled sirloin influence your vote at all...
Don’t let my offer of a grilled sirloin influence your vote at all…

The second round of voting for Performance of the Year has begun! You may be assuming this has something to do with my accomplishments in the bedroom…

Ok, fine. No one did.

Certainly not my wife.

Regardless, I’m joined by nine other nominees, ranging from poets to Christian hip-hop artists, who are up for the Performance of the Year award at The Public Blogger. Think of it as “The Oscars” meets “American Idol.” Except without all that confetti to clean up afterward.

Last week, in addition to having the honor of becoming a finalist in this talented group of artists, I also emerged in the No. 1 spot after the first round of public voting.

Rest assured an investigation has been launched.

The last time I was No. 1 at anything was when I finished first in the firefighter endurance competition. And by that I mean the first one to leave the event.

This week’s challenge was to submit a post on the theme of “Togetherness,” with each nominee’s submission presented tonight for public vote at The Public Blogger. You can cast your vote between 7 p.m. tonight and 10 a.m. tomorrow morning (Oct.19). Final results — and the next nominee to be eliminated — will be revealed at noon. (Please remember that I am an ugly crier.)

Below you’ll find the link for voting. It will take you to my Facebook page first. Please “Like” the FB link (accounts for 25% of our score) and then follow it to The Public Blogger to vote (70% of our score). As I mentioned last week, even if you don’t vote for me, please DO vote. It’s a terrific group of folks who have become my friends.

But if for some reason all the voting buttons become disabled except for mine, I’m sure they’d want you to vote for me…

Again, my sincere and appreciative THANK YOU to all of you for helping get this far.

Now please… Vote HERE (Look for this image on my FB page)


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23 thoughts on “Hurry! Vote before Donald Trump finds out!”

  1. Some things are better off left not to the imagination. In any case, still voting for you, even if Christian and his brooding hotness is distracting.

  2. I went through your facebook page and found the “vote” logo and pressed it to get to the public blogger. I then voted for you on Poll Daddy and I am sure it registered but I am not sure I liked on your FB page. I went back to the FB page and found that 8 people had liked – but could not find the like button. Not sure I did this right.

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