Another performance that took me 90 seconds or less

image Tomorrow night, I and the other six remaining nominees in the “Performance of the Year” competition at The Public Blogger will reveal the results of our Fourth Challenge: “Star Turn.” And although several of us are utilizing video, as far as I know there will be no red thongs involved. At least on my end. Or front. Or whatever.

This week’s challenge required us to incorporate four things into our creation:

1) Written words (350 max)

2) Our recorded voice (60 seconds max)

3) Images created/photographed by us

4) Presentation should reveal something about why we chose to pursue our art form.

Undoubtedly, many of are breathing a sigh of relief that my chosen art form isn’t nude self-portraits, even though it would ultimately still qualify as humor. Regardless, my presentation has been submitted and will be revealed in its entirety, along with the other six nominees’ work, tomorrow night at 7 p.m. when voting goes live for this round. The total time allowed for our presentations is 90 seconds or less, which coincidentally matches my own personal best time in… well, it doesn’t really matter.

Anyway, I was given persmission to share a short preview of my submission. Despite what that last part sounds like, it’s not that kind of video…


Voting opens at 7 p.m. tomorrow (Nov. 7). When the link goes live, I will post it here and on my Facebook page. Whether you vote for me or not, please vote for someone. Unless it’s Trump…

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32 thoughts on “Another performance that took me 90 seconds or less”

  1. As experts say, your presentation, even if not that long, can be more enjoyable for the both of you (a presenter and a viewer) if you start things off with a preview….

  2. Perhaps you can just grab your laptop for the presentation. That way you can simply “present” how you look whilst blogging diligently away. I suppose you could always “live tweet” the event for added flair…

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