It’s official: Canadians still like me pretty much

(Note: This has been updated from the original post earlier this morning, which was missing 300 words thanks to the new “auto-save” feature on the new “WordPress Editor.” In short: I almost had a stroke already this morning…)

image The latest round in The Public Blogger’s “Performer of the Year” competition has been completed, and thanks to your continued support — and a little help from Canada,eh? — I not only made it through the round but remain in the No. 1 spot after sweeping the public and judges vote. And yes, and investigation has been launched.

My reaction when the results were posted was something along the lines of:

“HOLY @#$%!”

So what does this mean exactly?

I have no idea, other than I’ll be heading into Round Six with my fellow nominees — Oscar, Rebecca, Kelly and Charles — this Sunday for our next challenge, which is called “RAW.” The one thing I do know is that if they want the ratings to stay up, it better include me keeping my clothes on.

I also know that, since round 5 is officially over, I can share this video about my 24-hour Canadian citizenship on my blog for those of you who might’ve missed it because 1) You couldn’t get the link to open on your browser, 2) You were worried there may be nudity and maple syrup involved, 3) Your search engine derailed somewhere near Alberta, 4) It’s still too early to think about anything but Glenn, or 5) You have no idea what I’m talking about because you stumbled onto this blog after Googling “performance issues.”

Whatever the reason you’re here, I want to thank you for your continued and unwavering support on this journey. There have been some moments when I’ve questioned my participation in this, and your support has been an inspiration for me; I feel like I am representing you and your faith in me, as well as the importance of humor in our lives.

Oh great, now I’m stressed out. I should’ve kept my fat mouth shut!

Anyway, as I head into Round 6 this Sunday, here’s my “24-hour Candian citizenship” video in its entirety, eh?

Again, my sincere Thank You and appreciation for all of your continued support and encouragement in this competition. Wherever I end up, whether it be in the finals on Dec. 30 or before that due to elimination, I want you to know what a privilege it is having your support. I promise to do my best to earn it every week.

Unless there’s dancing involved…

Truly, Thank You.

— Ned

P.S. This post replaces the first version, which I did on the “new and improved” WordPress editor only to discover it’s “auto-save” feature didn’t work. I am back to the old version and the safety of having a “save” button. #hatesnewversion

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31 thoughts on “It’s official: Canadians still like me pretty much”

    1. Lol! Thanks, Robert.
      I think I’m having an actual stroke right nbow because this post is missing about 300 words thanks to the new “auto-save” feature that WordPress installed yesterday. There is no “save” button, so I trusted it was all being saved automatically.

      Yes, I’m definitely haveing a stroke…

      1. Don’t stroke out….once you snuggle into that Justin Trudeau onesie, you’ll feel much better! Robert…where do I get one of those?? And thankfully I still have the old version as well with the trusty save button….yikes….why can’t WP just stop “improving” their site?

        1. I’d like to snuggle up to the WordPress administration and strangle someone with that onsie! I don’t understand why mine automatically switched over mid-day yesterday. It’s terribly slow and untrustworthy! It’s like Congress!

  1. Try going to your “My Sites” & then to WP admin. That should take you to the old version & then you can see if it saved in your drafts.

    1. Thanks, Lynn 😉 Apparently it didn’t save, so I’m back to square one. But at least I know how to get to the old version with the “save” button. Thank You!

  2. I noticed you showed a quick glimpse of Canada’s Wonderland. You do realize that it is in Ontario, and you are only going as far as Alberta, and there are two provinces between Alberta and Ontario? (Your quick geography lesson).

  3. I noticed you showed a quick glimpse of Canada’s Wonderland. You do realize that it is in Ontario, and you are only going as far as Alberta, and there are two provinces between Alberta and Ontario? (Your quick geography lesson).

  4. I don’t believe that all Canadians punctuate their sentences with “eh….” I’ve never heard Justin Beiber say it. At least…I don’t think…he’s said it. Maybe he’s not a real Canadian. Or maybe Canada banned him from referencing them in any way, casual or not. I’m pretty sure you’ve got this in the bag – but, just in case, I’m sure your subtle promotion of a certain upcoming movie will win you some more fans.

  5. Welcome to Canada. Good luck with the medical system. It’s not what you think. We may have some coverage but good luck finding a doc. If you do good luck getting one that actually cares…
    As far as specialists…well you could see one but, you’d have to wait 6 months to a year to get in..
    Congrats on your win!

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