Not sure this will help me with the Canadian vote…

image For those of you following — and in many cases supporting — my pursuit of The Public Blogger’s “Performer of the Year” award, the voting has officially opened tonight for round five! I say “in many cases” because, after seeing tonight’s performance, I may lose the support of Canadian readers.

Yes, all seven of them.

So why am I even taking the risk? Because this week’s challenge required each of the remaining six nominees to create a special presentation showcasing the country of our choice — in the genre we have been nominated in. Since I’m a humorist, I chose Canada! That’s because I figure any country that could give us Justin Bieber must have a good sense of humor.

I guess we’ll see, ey?!?

Yeah, that probably didn’t help, either…

In all seriousness, tonight’s round is also a worldwide celebration of the arts honoring Hungarian photographer Gabor Dvornik. In light of the tragic events in Paris earlier this week, I think anything offering a sense of world community and unity is a good thing. I hope you’ll join in by clicking the image below, enjoying the show, celebrating art from around the world, and offering your vote to one of the nominees — all of whom, like everyone else, have carried a heavy heart into this round.

I was fortunate enough to finish my presentation before Friday’s events in Paris. Had I not, I may have approached it differently.

Or maybe not.

As a humorist, sometimes the best thing I can do is add some levity when the world gets too heavy. Regardless of how tonight’s vote goes, I’d like to thank Canada for helping me out with that.

Wishing all of you peace, wherever you are…


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34 thoughts on “Not sure this will help me with the Canadian vote…”

  1. Am on my way to the hospital. I’d enjoyed a full plate of poutine covered in maple syrup,with a side of Cdn. bacon which I washed down with, not only Molson, but a case of vintage Blue lager. I haven’t been able to utter anything for an hour but ‘eh’. I’ve just learned defibrillator paddles are included in the free health care. It’s great to be Canadian, eh?

    1. Wow! Sounds like quite a night! Now, what were the paddles for?

      Nevermind… I’m glad you enjoyed it (the video), Robyn. A vote of confidence from you means a lot 😉

  2. Poutine is not real food. And I since I’m a Frog, I can say that. Sometimes, it’s not easy being green.

    Great post, Ned. 🙂 You have my vote. (Do you know of Rick Mercer? If you don’t, look him up – he loves to pull jokes on Americans. 😉 )

    1. Thanks so much, Oscar. With everything that has happened, I wasn’t sure how to approach this. I felt something needed to be said — and I’m glad I did. The show must go on, if for no other reson than to show those who want us living in fear that we can come together.

  3. I notice that you lean to the right. It is a conservative gesture. And yet your writing leans to the left and liberalism. You are a complex man, n’est pas. Therefore your jokes are really serious and yet laughable. the folds on your face hide the secrets of a well traveled life with passports and luggage. You my friend are an enigma.

    1. That’s probably one of the nicest things I’ve been called, Barry. So thank you… not that there’s a lot of competition 😉

      Seriously, though — Thank you my friend.

  4. As one of your “7”, appreciate the invite to the party. Canada is often forgotten! For the record, “ey” is spelled “eh”. Love the video Ned!

      1. Much better my friend! Now about those specialists…the waiting lists are ridiculous. So ridiculous, some of us fellow Canadians have been known to venture south & pay. Even with the exchange rate. Yup, I know. We’re all a bunch of nutballs up here!

        1. I’ve heard that about “free” health coverage. I think I’d just set schedule my by-pass surgery a few years in advance and keep eating bacon until it’s time.

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