Teaming up with my wife today (just like at night) has its perks

image As I mentioned in this morning’s post, for those of you following my pursuit of “Performer of the Year” in the the A Star is Born competition at The Public Blogger, this week’s round is a doubleheader in which I had the privilege of teaming up with my lovely wife.

For me, nothing as as good as when I can share it with her. Things are always better that way. And I’ll just leave it at that.

So, as much fun as it has been participating in this competition, having the chance to share the experience with her this week has been the best so far. The challenge for this round, which will determine the Final Two as we head into the last round next week, is called “Imitation of Life.” The objective being to demonstrate through words and a video, whether your art is an imitation of your life or a representation of it. For the first part of today’s challenge, my wife’s task was to offer an inside look to reveal “the truth” about who I am.

And without using any of that footage of me in a red thong. 

Since her round of voting is officially over with a third-place finish, I’ve included the link below.

After seeing it myself for the first time today, I have to say I couldn’t be more proud and appreciative to be her husband.

Now it’s my turn to swing the lightsaber in the second half of our performance, along with fellow nominees Rebecca Lemke and Oscar Alejandro Plascencia. Voting will continue until 10 a.m. tomorrow (Dec. 21). You can view our performances by clicking the image below, which will take you right to “A Star is Born: Round 8.” At the bottom of the page to the left, you’ll find the voting booth. Just pick your favorite and push the “VOTE” button.

Even if it’s not for me.

However, I will feel a disturbance in The Force.

In all seriousness, you have helped keep me at No. 1 for six out of the last seven weeks. I can’t thank you enough for that, and for your continued support and encouragement during this journey. When it’s all over, whether it be after voting closes tomorrow morning or in the finals round next week, I have a lot of thanking to do.

And thanks for that as well…


Click this image and it will take you to tonight's show — it's like magic!
Click this image and it will take you to tonight’s show — it’s like magic!


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13 thoughts on “Teaming up with my wife today (just like at night) has its perks”

  1. Reblogged this on CELONA'S BLOG and commented:
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    One of my favourite contestant in; A Star is Born Round VIII: Imitation of Life.
    You could stop by his blog 😉

    So I would doing reblogs on a platform where Expressions Meet Reality with a preferred style I tagged “ink on sheet”

    Anything Creative, inspirational, Motivational, with an attitude of laying Bare truth and raw emotions is welcomed!
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  2. Oh my goodness I though you were going to cry at one point Alicia. You have a beautiful smile, and I love your voice. Even though I have not met Ned in person, I believe your words, the two of you make a wonderful couple and are welcome to visit us up here in Canada anytime. Merry Christmas

    1. I have described hearing my wife’s voice for the first time as hearing a musical score written just for me. She has a lovely voice to match the rest of her loveliness. And Catherine, I really do hope we get to take you up on that offer someday — or vice versa 😉

    1. Yes, my wife is truly special and I count my lucky stars every day having her in my life 😉

      Thanks so much for all your support, Courtney. I walked away from this feeling like a winner anyway because of folks like you 😉

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