Evidence in my fridge supports phenomenon known as Gender-Vision®

imageYes, this is an honest, unaltered view of the current state of our refrigerator. It’s exactly how it looked when I opened it this morning. If I were a scientist, I would call this my “control subject.” I would also probably be wearing a Haz-Mat suit complete with breathing apparatus. Maybe even a caged canary. Not that our refrigerator itself is a bio-hazard. It’s actually pretty clean. It’s the stuff inside the small containers somewhere in the back, tucked behind the Christmas dinner leftovers (Hey, from 2015!) that pose the biggest threat should their air-locked containers be accidentally breached.

Me: Hey, what’s in this Tupperware container? [Pffffffft!]

My wife: WAIT! No, you fool!


My wife: Hey, maybe the boys will eat it?

Me: Oh, right…

However, the potential threat my refrigerator poses to anyone within a three-mile radius is not the point of this post. It’s actually to provide official documentation a phenomenon I am calling Gender-vision®, which is: The viewing of the same image by two individuals, but with different points of interest depending on their gender. 

It’s no mystery I made this discovery with my own refrigerator being the impromptu test subject. Nor is it a mystery as to which point of interest caught my eye first. I think it offers compelling evidence substantiating my Gender-vision® theory. In the name of science I will continue to document cases of Gender-vision® as they present themselves.

If witness or experience your own moment of Gender-Vision®, feel free to send it to me and I’ll include it here as part of the mounting evidence behind my theory.

Assuming the leftovers don’t get me first.





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44 thoughts on “Evidence in my fridge supports phenomenon known as Gender-Vision®”

  1. LOL! Very funny. Then there’s the “bend over” phenomenon. The men in my house are too lazy to bend over. They think we’re out of milk, but if they’d bend over and look deeper into the refrigerator, they’d see the extra gallon of milk in the back. “We’re out of butter.” BEND OVER. “We’re out of beer.” BEND OVER. My guys didn’t see an entire cheesecake for a week, because they were too lazy to bend over to see more than what was on the edges of the shelves. … And your picture kind of proves that phenomenon, too. 😉

  2. My husband can’t see beyond what’s at the front of the top shelf (other than maybe what’s in the deli drawer). He complains about needing to lose weight, and I buy fresh fruit and veggies, but he never eats them unless I hand feed them to him. I make rice in big batches so we can eat off of it for a few days, and then he doesn’t see the big container of it just behind the lettuce, and makes another big batch. This does have it’s advantages, however. If I buy something that I want to keep all for myself, all I have to do is put it on the lower shelf behind something, anything, and no one but me ever knows it’s there.

  3. Forget the tupperware, how about those bottles and jars of sauces we swear we need for ingredients? Unopened, will they grow fuzz? Would you happen to know? LOL 🙂

  4. Same thing at Home Depot. Women see draperies to hang, paint to apply, shelves to be built. Men only see shiny tools they absolutely must have – never meant to be used, of course – and weeks of “when are you going to…”… erm… reminders(?)…

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