I think I’ve been watching too many prison shows

Lately, my wife and I have been binge-watching several TV series at once on Netflix.

Sons of Anarchy.

Breaking Bad.


As much as I’d like to think the result has led me to a higher plane of moral existance through the peripheral experience of others who have made mistakes and fallen into a life of crime, murder and mayhem, it seems that I’ve only taken away one lasting life lesson…



It may be time to start watching more Disney movies…

44 thoughts on “I think I’ve been watching too many prison shows

  1. No better way to bond with your loved one but through the shared experience of extreme violence and crime. We lost many a night’s sleep watching the first two. Haven’t seen Prison Break. Guess it’s time to shack up with the hubs for another binge?

    • It helps remind us how fleeting our lives can be, assuming we become drug dealers or go “nomad” from a biker gang.

      Ultimately though, I’ll take any excuse to shack up with my wife…

  2. “Net – Flicks”? ‘Round about these here parts, that there is sumthin we are all proud of. Ya see when ur fishin’ the number of fish ya gits is all abouts how ya

  3. I’ve been on a Scandal binge. And I’m not ashamed to admit it’s because of Tony Goldwin’s (President Grant) mouth. I can’t take my eyes off his lips when he’s in a scene. *fans herself*

  4. I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t watch any significant violence on TV or in movies anymore. It bothers me and gives me nightmares. I “feel” the negativity 😦
    But there are a lot of well done shows. Good acting, story telling and directing. I used to love CSI and Law and Order. It just got too Real I guess. There is enough violence and sadness in the world and the news, I need to avoid putting any more in my psychi I guess. :-/

    • I totally get that. My older half-brother was a Hell’s Angel in the L.A. Charter, so I grew up with bikers around all the time. They were always great to me and never pressured me one way or the other β€” although I’m pretty sure my brother didn’t want me mixed up in any of that. So I guess I’ve always been drawn to that life… at least in movies and on paper πŸ˜‰

  5. I work with a man who was in prison. He brings it up even though I told him to let it go. It has made an indelible stain on his ego. He is a different person now and no longer does drugs. I believe that having kids changed him. But once in a while there is an issue with anger. We never address the anger in people. We just let them handle it.

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