There’s something I’ve been meming to tell you


They are the Superbowl commercials of our daily lives, offering a moment of laughter or introspection without the obligation of remembering who made them. The word “meme” became part of my vocabulary about six months ago, thanks to my teenagers, who are constantly enhancing my life with important terminology. Without them, I would be the Fred Flintstone of social media living in a world of The Jetsons, texting “Yabba Dabba Doo!” with my thick thumbs only to have it auto-corrected to “Abba Dances Too!”

I would be alone in the cyberworld. A man on a deserted social media island. Out of touch. Except for the Abba spam.

But fortunately my kids keep me plugged in and — when it comes to what’s trending — on the cutting edge. Sure, if we’re being honest it’s an edge that needs sharpening. That’s what I have my teenagers for! And yes, they sometimes (i.e., more often than not) regret keeping Dad in the loop with what’s trending. For example, when the “Damn, Daniel!” vines and memes went viral, my kids shared them with me — which got me thinking:

What if Daniel had been Danny LaRusso from “Karate Kid” instead? 




After my youngest daughter saw this posted on my Facebook page, along with a shout out to her, she tried convincing me she lost her iPhone and was therefore unable to share any new social media trends with me. Probably forever.

Which inspired this…




It also lead to a personal challenge to create a new meme every day, which I’ve been doing for the last few weeks and posting to my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. Mostly because I know it really embarrasses my teenagers, whose friends follow me on one or all of those pages. And yes, I’ve been laughing maniacally.

For example…




While I’m not going to post all of them here, I’ve selected a few of my favorites to share with you, based on the collective groaning from my teengers…




I’d like to point out I don’t always pick on my kids. Our pets are also fair game…




Especially our dog, Stanley.


And yes, that really is Stanley.
And yes, that really is Stanley.


I’ve also chimed in on politics a few times, mostly as a healthy way of venting my frustration to find my happy place. Assuming we’re out of bacon…




However, I think it was Abe Lincoln who said it best. At least, I’m pretty sure this is how he said it…



Other times, it’s just been me and my random thoughts that have lead to inspiration. Or that’s what I’m calling it, which sounds better than mental disorder…




Or as in the case of yesterday, a meme based on personal experience that proved to be an unintentional audition for “So You Think You Can Dance?”


The fact that I misspelled “Macharena” shows just how bad a dancer I really am.

I’ll leave you with something a little more introspective because, well… it doesn’t happen very often.


Swimsuit optional.


Looking forward to seeing all of you at the pond…







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65 thoughts on “There’s something I’ve been meming to tell you”

  1. Sir you have a very good blog site, hope you don’t mind but I am going to reblog this for you, hopefully that will get you a little bit more traffic.

    1. I think it’s kind of like riding shot gun in the car; we called God first…?

      And thanks, Lynette — there’s nothing wrong with your melon, er… lemon, by the way!

  2. Thanks for improving my vocabulary. I need a teenager (no thanks, just kidding) to keep me on top of things. I knew about those sayings, but I always thought they were called sarcasm. (silly me) Excellent column.

  3. WHEW! There’s lots there to re-meme-ber. Ha! Well done Ned – love the one of the teen and laughing maniacally.

  4. Same (what my kids say when they want to say, “I do that too”). You sauced some good ones.

    My kids roll their eyes when they see me using language hip to their generation; copying is the best form of flatter (or something like that).

    Thanks for the smiles.

    1. Thanks, Robyn 😉 They’re fun to do.

      And as for the bees meme, I also had my kids watch Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” right after our trip to the park, just for good measure.

  5. The only thing I’ve ever had go viral was a dumb meme I made while telling my friend about my morning with my kids. So far, 12 million people have viewed it. I spend four years writing a book, and 12 people read it. This is the world in which we live.

    1. Hahaha! So true, Mandi. It’s all truly a crap shoot, but if you can have fun and enjoy what you’re doing all along the way, you’re already a winner — and the rest is just icing.

      And yes, I realize icing and dice is a really bad analogy combination. You can’t even roll dice in frosting.

  6. Please PLEASE make a meme as “the world’s most interesting man.” I even picked out your phrase….
    “I don’t always wear a red thong, but when I do, it’s in front of everyone and really cold outside”
    Your creativity inspires me, Ned! I only go to Facebook once/day (usually), so I’ll keep my eyes open for your daily memes. Love it!

      1. On fleek = flawlessly styled, groomed; perfect, flawless. Used discriminately by teens today. My nephew introduced me to it. Don’t worry – I had to look it up too. Still – Stanley is on fleek. :p

        1. Lol! I thought my kids were holding out on me! I actually Googled it. Fleek is apparently also some kind of soicla media app, like SnapChat or Tinder. But I like your meaning of fleek much better.

          I can’t wait to drop that word into conversation tonight with my teens!

  7. My 10 yr old isn’t into social media…yet, so I still get to embarrass him in public. It’s great. The 26 yr old, however, is fair game…and he’s too busy to “unfriend” me! Ha!

    1. Lol! My 21-year-old daughter can dish it back, so I don’t mess with her unless it’s an evasive maneuver. But my three teens (15, 16, 17) are still worried about their image, so they live in perpetual fear of Dad doing something embarrassing around their friends — you know, like breathing.

  8. Still LOLing! 🙂 And couldn’t help but read some comments here. I love the first one who is going to reblog and hopes you get more traffic from it. It made me think, if you got many more commenters, I’d be scrolling for another half an hour to get to the bottom to leave my own, LOL 😉

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