No matter who you choose, everyone wins


I almost titled this post “Beauty and the Best” because, let’s face it: humorist Ross Murray is certainly one of the best in the blogosphere. And considering I’m fresh from being named “Sexiest Male Blogger,” that would make me…

*waits for readers to finish process of elimination*

No need to rush, I’ll wait…

*whistles Dixie until lips get dry*

Never mind. It’s not important. The important thing is that each of us has been nominated for Funniest Blogger by London’s ABBA, a collective of blogger’s from around the world who are meeting in London this weekend for a huge convention that neither Ross or I can attend because, as I told Ross, “there’s no way I’m driving to London.” 

There are lots of other categories, from Best Book Review Blog, Most Inspirational, Best Overall Blog (not to be confused with Best Overalls Blog) and several other categories that include some extremely talented Blogger’s like D.G.Kaye, Joel Franco at Chesapeake Films, Shareen Mansfield, Marcia Meara, Suzie at Suzie Speaks and Sue Vincent.

Voting ends tomorrow, June 9, at noon (PST)

As for Ross and I, please feel free to cast a vote in either direction. I consider him a friend and will be just as happy if he gets your vote over me, so don’t let that kind of betrayal bother you in the least.

In all seriousness, I hope you’ll take a moment to vote. The Funniest Blogger poll is the very first category, which makes it easy. But if you want to vote for the other categories, all the better. To do so, just click on the icon below…


Yep, this one right here

No matter who you choose, everyone really wins.



Not THIS icon, the other one
Not THIS icon, the other one


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20 thoughts on “No matter who you choose, everyone wins”

  1. Wonderful share for the Blogging awards and the bash Ned. I wish I could have been able to attend also but things didn’t work out that way for me this year. I have full intentions of showing up in jolly old London next year, and hope to see you there.
    Thanks a bunch for mentioning my name in your post, crossing my fingers for you. Hey, you’re on a roll. You’re already voted best sexy, bacon, red thong man, so it stands to reason you should win as funniest blogger. 🙂

  2. Hey, I went to vote this morning and the poll is alreadyclosed — or maybe just closed to the likes of me? I’m guessing maybe the noon deadline is London time (as it is currently 12:49 pm there at the moment) and that all the polls are closed. But I would have voted for you!

    1. I bet you’re right, Sara! I forgot they’re on the metric system, so time is measured in millimeters or something… Thanks so much for trying 😉

  3. Fingers crossed for you, Ned. AND, I also have another blog to follow. It’s tough out there! I keep running into Poetry, Photography and Cooking. I only do limericks, I don’t have time to learn photography and after 32 years of cooking for other people I have no interest in new recipes…..especially those that include quinoa, polenta and squid ink (I wrote an entire post about Squid Ink Pasta which explains my aversion to cooking with it).

  4. MAN! i missed this one. I have been nuts busy and I let your email sit in my box until I could read it and respond. I had no idea I was missin’ sumthin import’nt! 😦
    Good luck anyway Ned! Cuz you Rock!~

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