Because she gives me “crazy love”

As I mentioned earlier this week, today I am celebrating the gift of sharing the past eight years with the amazing woman I get to call my wife. We’re keeping a low profile for our anniversary, spending the day in quiet appreciation of each other. However, I wanted to surprise her with this expression of my love, and share with you the many reasons why I treasure her…

21 thoughts on “Because she gives me “crazy love”

  1. Awesome Ned. Great and touching video. I included a link to it on my post for Sunday at Mark Bialczak’s.

    Happy Anniversary Ned and Alicia!

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    • Thanks, Ross. It was fun to put together and surprise her with, especially when I jumped out of the closet with my laptop to show her.

      The guy singing is Harry Manx, one of my very favorite (favourite) singer/songwriters. I think you’d really like his stuff. Google his “Wise and Otherwise” album. Soulful blues with a middle eastern undertone and a touch of jazz. Really amazing — perfect for capturing how I feel about my wife 😉

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