I don’t really do the ‘award’ thing — unless it’s weird

imageI don’t normally do award things because, let’s face it: I’m an ungrateful jerk. Ok, maybe not. But I do kind of feel like one when I respectfully decline. It’s not that I don’t appreciate being recognized by fellow bloggers; it means a lot actually. It’s just that the rules that usually accompany these awards, including the mandatory passing along of the award to multiple bloggers, has a chain-letter feel to it that doesn’t sit right with me. However, I do make exceptions when 1) the blogger who nominates me is relatively new, therefore giving me a chance to send traffic their way, or 2) the award is a little weird. In the case of The Jolly Lobster Award bestowed on me by CeeLee at Swim In The Adult Pool, it’s both.

Shortly after my WordPress “new follower” cross lit up last week, I found my way to CeeLee. Ok, actually I attempted a cartwheel that ended in something resembling a twerk first. The point is, once I got to her site I was immediately impressed by her writing as well as her tenacity and spirit. Effectively dealing with adult ADHD means CeeLee has to approach her sometimes relentless creative spark in ways many of us would never think of attempting. Sort of like my “twerk-wheel” but with better results. Continue reading

Grammy, Shmammy — LL Cool J’s got nothing on this cracker

versatileblogger111 Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg vinspiringblog You know how some days you wake up and, while half asleep, you head to the bathroom — but not before putting both feet in the same pant leg? And then after laying face down on the carpet for a few minutes, you realize your naked rear is sticking straight up because your feet are bound together like a rodeo calf? And in the moment is when the door opens and it’s your 18-year-old daughter, who begins screaming and scratching at her eyes because of what she’s witnessed?

OK, maybe it’s just me then.

Well, today didn’t start like that for me. Today was actually a morning of extremely pleasant momentum, which, in our house, usually means an empty bathroom (rare in a house with three teenagers) and a perfectly timed BM. In this case, however, it was pleasant momentum spurred by kudos from my fellow bloggers. After returning to the keyboard following two days of what CSI: Las Vegas would term “explosive flu blowback” [Insert rapid sequence through nasal passages here], I had a chance to go through my “Likes” and “Comments,” which led to a very humbling series of nods from fellow bloggers whose work I admire. Continue reading