I need to actively clarify my passive writing advice

image Listen closely…

There it is again! Did you hear it that time? All the whistling and excited hollering? That’s the sound of people who have just realized it’s Friday! Now, keep listening as I remind them that, in addition to being the end of the work week, it’s also time for Ned’s Nickel’s Worth on Writing!

* clears throat *

HEY, EVERYONE! It’s time for my NWOW!

* distant sound of baby crying *

See what I mean? Obviously, everyone is busy getting online! For those who might be visiting for the first time, I should explain that my Nickel’s Worth is when I open myself like an oyster and share pearls of writing wisdom gained from 15 years as a shucking columnist. It’s a weekly feature that has been called “…insightful,” “…thought provoking,” “…life changing,” and “…Suspected in several cases of food-borne illness.”

But enough with the accolades! Continue reading

Finding your writing ‘voice’ (Unless you’re William Hung)

Typewriter at mic (Note: This is part of a weekly series from the website Gliterary Girl, where I’m a regular contributor on the subject of writing. And highly suggestive quilting patterns. But mostly writing.)

There are nearly 8 billion people inhabiting the earth. Most are capable of stringing together a sequence of words in order to communicate an idea or feeling.

Occasionally, this even includes lawyers.

At this very moment, if you were to log on to any social network, you’d find thousands of people writing about any number of topics, including vacations, sex, parenting, mental illness…

Hmmm. Looking back over that last sequence, I see a definite pattern.

Anyway, with all of these people writing, what determines the difference between someone who writes and a writer?

There really is a difference and, as with any art form, deciding between “good” and “poor” writing comes down to personal taste and interpretation. Or possibly an interpreter if you’re reading Ozzy Osbourne’s biography.  Continue reading