It’s time once again to visit … The Door

image It’s Tuesday! That special day each week when we gather together and gaze upon The Door (of Shame, Blame and Brilliance), marveling at newspaper clippings that journalists here at the Siuslaw News have been taping to The Door since the 1970s. Which brings me to a new feature I am contemplating called The Fridge, in which we marvel at food products in our break room refrigerator left by those same journalists 40 years ago.

However, today is an especially exciting edition of The Door because TODAY we are adding something! That’s right — You will be among the first to see the latest addition to this journalistic shrine. As always, before we begin, we must repeat those sacred words that have been a part of The Door’s historic ritual since I first made them up a few months ago. So please join hands and, in a monotone voice similar to any character played by Keanu Reeves, repeat these words after me:

The Door is our beacon, drawing us into the jagged rocks of journalism.

Now… Let us make history! First, we must acknowledge that today’s historic moment is brought to us by the Canby-Herald of Canby, Ore, whose May 1 in-depth report of how one school’s innovative program of switching homework to school time and classwork to home time — which they have dubbed “Flipped” — was completely overshadowed by the fact that the feature’s 72-point headline, complete with mirror-image for added effect, was spelled “Fliped.”


The subhead for the story pretty much speaks for itself:
It’s what happens when you take conventional homework methods and turn them on their heads.

I bet someone in editorial is fliping mad…

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53 thoughts on “It’s time once again to visit … The Door”

    1. Apparently, it’s a new word. So new, in fact, that only the editorial department at the Canby-Herald knows what it means. Either that, or it’s a new white fish once the Tilapia runs out for fish and chips.

        1. I vote for the fish, too. Although it could be a French Canadian word for what happens after eating too much poutine, i.e., “I ate so much poutine I feel like I’m going to Flipe, eh?”

          1. Haha, That works for me. I’ll call Merriam, you call Webster, we’ll work them against each other to make the addition to the dictionary. Nice work.

    1. Hey Bronx, all I can think of is that they were so infatuated with their sizzling mirror-image design that they didn’t notice they were missing a “p.” Sort of like those folks who paint the “School X-ing” on streets but spell it “Scool X-ing.” Imagine if the same people were in charge of advertising for Kansas City’s pro football program? “Go Chefs!” Please tell Judy “Hey!” for me, and thanks for stopping in!

      1. Teehee. You know what I’d recommend for back pain, don’t you? MARGARITAS!!!

        (I’m going to have to come up with some new comment topics, here. Your readers are going to think I’m a lush!)

  1. Right up there with “Kidnaped!”… what is it about that pesky “double-p” that eludes journalists, editors, and typesetters the world over? What is hapening?

    1. I know, right?! I already mentioned this, but I am considering making a t-shirt that says “Watch for sudden fliping” and wearing it into the Canby-Herald office. It’s not far from Florence… *devilish smirk*

  2. The Door is our bacon, drawing us into the jagged rocks of journalism with its delicious scent.

    Had the editor of the Canby-Herald been subjected to such innovative methods of education, perhaps he would not have missed such a fliping obvious spelling error. Perhaps his eyesight was affected by stealing someone’s lunch from their journalistic refrigerator. Send him your 11 year Guaca recipe.

    1. First, thank you for your commitment to repeat that salty phrase each week. It’s a tender gesture that doesn’t go unappreciated. Second, my fliping lunch is missing…

  3. It’s not Tuesday without the bacon door mantra, fliping gesture and all.

    My powers of detective reasoning tell me that you will bind.. er.. find said editor in the journalistic place of toilets, flushing the evidence.

    1. I’ll look for the backlash story in a neighboring newspaper, which will probably headlinedL: “Fliping Flop” At least, that would be my headline form it.

  4. I love The Door, and your writing… so I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award, and while I do believe it is a large chain letter… you deserve an award anyway. Do with it what you will and stay funny-informative 🙂

  5. Hopefully, the school will view this error as a sign. If the journalists at the Canby can make such a glaring typographical error, imagine what the students from the school will unleash on print media when they graduate.

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