From across the table…

Just to prove that I am actually at the library working on the final draft of my manuscript, and not sitting at the Beachcomber with a bottle of Dos Eques and a basket of hot wings, this is my current view from across the small table I am now sharing.


For some reason, I’m really craving some chicken fingers right now…

38 thoughts on “From across the table…

  1. Obviously a front as I see potential wings and cheese sticks peeking out from behind that screen at the ‘Internet cafe’ where you are holding court.

  2. I meant ate…. As in chewed, on awed, nibbled….
    Oh! Hey,,, maybe he’s a nail bitter and he got carried away? Sorry… I work at an ortho clinic and we see many injuries like this… Chainsaws are a big one!

  3. Just looking at this photo gives me wire rage. I can cast an entire web around my house and still find some underneath a bed or desk somewhere… Is wire rage common amongst writers?

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