Phase two of my book promo plan: Anonymous surveillance photos of recipients

Here is an example of a typical reaction to someone receiving a copy of my book. (Couch sold separately)
Here is an example of a typical reaction by someone receiving a copy of my book. (Couch sold separately)
As a public service message, and due to a court order based on injuries sustained by a postal worker who was reading my book when he drove into the ocean after deviating from his route in Omaha, I have been asked to let you know the first copies of Humor at the Speed of Life are now arriving for unsuspecting readers who ordered their copy while intoxicated by rum-saturated fruitcake.

This means that, in addition to the possibility of a class-action lawsuit, it’s time for me to begin Phase Two of my genius promotional plan:

Gathering anonymous surveillance photos of book recipients.

This will be accomplished through a network of what I’ve been told is “The best group of undercover photographers money can buy, without exceeding a budget of $45 and various Taco Bell coupons.” Because the scope of Phase Two is growing fast, new members for this elite surveillance team are needed.

Desired even.

And for many of you, that’s probably enough enticement.

Simply email your photo to me at All photos will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified, such the person’s name embroidered on their Member’s Only jacket, tattooed on their forehead, or below the number in their mug shot.

For an added incentive β€” as if being a member of this elite team wasn’t enough (Okay, probably not) β€” you will also receive one of these bookmarks:


Designed to combine style with functionality, these one-of-a-kind multipurpose bookmarks can:

1) Save your place in a book!
2) Swat flies!
3) Draw a straight line for as long as 6 inches (No, really)!
4) And the best part: No Batteries required!

As a member of the HATSOL Undercover Surveillance Team, you can become a part of history without the added risk of anyone knowing!

In fact, only you and your bookmark will know for sure…

And for those who don’t care WHO knows?! Get your own copy of Humor at the Speed of Life by clicking one of the links below:


Signed copy from my publisher at Port Hole Publications


From Amazon Books


From Barnes & Noble

Or by coming to my house and helping me stack this wood…

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52 thoughts on “Phase two of my book promo plan: Anonymous surveillance photos of recipients”

  1. I’d love to come and stack wood, but I’m still on my couch getting over this stupid Pneumonia!! I’m looking forward to seeing your courier trudge through the over 200 cm of snow we’ve had over the last month. I hope the mule has snowshoes!!

    1. Thanks, Tom β€” I wasn’t sure where I was going with it until I started writing; all I knew for sure was that I had to do SOMETHING with that photo!

      1. It was beautifully done man. I have just put the laptop in drive before to see where it goes and sometimes it goes to a usable place and sometimes i just hold the backspace key to watch all my unusable words disappear. Glad this worked out man

  2. Very good idea! The bookmark bribe is especially genius. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to find someone reading the eBook version in front of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It might be summer by then, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find someone. πŸ˜‰

  3. Sold!!! AND I can help you stack wood, too. I’m cool that way πŸ™‚
    Seriously though. Been meaning to get my own copy and keep get distracted by shiny objects and fruitcake. I’m back in the office next week…I’ll make it happen then.

    1. Terrific! I’ll get the wood tote/wheelbarrow ready πŸ™‚

      By the way, today’s NWOW was inspired by your questions about writing in the first-person. It’ll be posted later this morning. Thanks for the idea. I’ve actually received topic suggestions from a few other bloggers in the last week or so. You may have started something through osmosis…?

      In the meantime, stay away from the shiny object and fruitcake. And especially shiny fruitcake πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh good!! I am looking forward to the post!
        I’m staying away from the fruitcake, but am skiing in Colorado…lots of other wonderful distractions that will happily keep me in right brain mode.
        Happy Friday, Ned!

  4. I’m sending you a DM to offer my services with promo. I know you have this long term plan and it’s only phase 2, (I can’t wait to see the next phases), but if you want to fit in an interview or two … πŸ˜‰


        1. Molly, Please there is no need to be sorry. Hiding myself from the ladies who love me, is damn near impossible.I am pleased to know that you so quickly figured this out. I have to admit it gave me a bit of a thrill.

          Ned and I were not able to do this even with our combined efforts. There probably aren’t two other guys in all of word press as smooth with the ladies as Ned or I. So I tip my hat to you Detective Molly for your skill and now you are counted among Beth and Lisa who also cracked this caper. Ned and I will review our efforts to ensure our identities are more carefully the future. we will take all of the blame. you are awesome lady

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