I can explain…


Many of those who followed my live coverage of the Oscars on Sunday night have been asking how I managed to post insider reports as they happened while remaining at home in my pajamas, and nowhere near Hollywood. And until this photo was leaked on Twitter, I had no intention of revealing my secret. However, in light of this recent development, I feel the need to explain.

Yes, I was at the Oscars on Sunday.

Yes, I happened to walk into the original selfie Ellen took during the commercial break, before the actual selfie was taken that everyone saw on TV. It’s Hollywood; they rehearse everything.

And no, it wasn’t intentional. I was actually trying to keep a low profile until I had to use the restroom. When I came back, I had a hard time finding my seat and accidentally wandered into the shot. If the seats had just been numbered, the whole thing could’ve been avoided. Plus the seat filler threw me off. Literally; when I tried to sit down he threw me off.

I will be shocked if that happens again next year, especially since I will be back to sitting in my own living room. Not that it will keep me from reporting live from the Oscars again.

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31 thoughts on “I can explain…”

  1. Lovely picture. Lovely story. Particularly the part about the seat filler throwing you off. Nice visual! I must say, I followed your live action, on the spot, except from your living room, Oscar night reporting, and I’m so happy I did. Much more interesting that watching the real event would have been. (I almost used “reel” event, but figured that was too corny, even for me). I’m happy with my choice, and plan to join you for your first-hand account next year, too. In my jammies, as well. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t know Ned. It seems a bit odd – all those beautiful people and you? Now if it had been Alicia instead, I would have completely believed that!

    1. Hahaha! Yeah, I look like like an escaped mutt who sneaked into a purebred dog show. If my wife had me on a leash, no one would’ve given it a second thought…

  3. I’d forgotten all about seat fillers. That would have been my chosen career if my loser guidance councilor had thought to offer that option. Seat filler…I’m thinking sports events, company dinners, even Congress, especially Congress. I could have had a stellar career.

    1. Sadly, life is full of missed opportunities like that. I wonder if downsizing when you’re s eat filler means making your rear smaller or the loss of an actual job? (Yes, these are the things that cross my mind.)

  4. you shall forever be known as ‘photobomb oscar’ from here on in. bradley cooper, or ‘bc’ as you call him, was on ellen yesterday, saying how he felt upstaged by you.

    1. He’s oversensitive about everything! He was upset when he found out I call him “BC” for Bradley Cooper, and not what he thought it meant, which was “Before Cooper.” He really though everything was in relation to before or after his rise to stardom. Pretty ridiculous. Especially during Lent…

  5. I was drinking coffee when I first saw you on Ellen’s selfie pic…I had to spit it back in the cup. It was a laughter induced spitting incident.
    Since no one was watching I just drank my coffee anyway…any coffee tastes good if you’re laughing!

          1. You know, whenever I order at Starbucks (once a year or so) my order passes a point where I lose direct line of sight with it…I’m guessing that’s the part where they put the double dribble in:S

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