Live from the Oscars! (on my TV)

image Being a journalist, I will be bringing you Academy Awards updates and observations throughout the evening LIVE! As they happen!

On my television.

We’ll begin with the red carpet, where stylist experts have been providing detailed descriptions of the extravagant fashions worn to Hollywood’s biggest night. For example:

“And there’ Mathew McConaughey wearing a white jacket and black tie. With him is his beautiful wife, wearing a pink dress. Oh, and there’s Jennifer Roberts in a striking dress!”

Wow. Great job, Seal.

21 thoughts on “Live from the Oscars! (on my TV)

  1. This is some top notch journalism! Keep us posted (so I don’t have to watch it myself, allowing me to see ‘The Walking Dead’, though your readers have a point when they say the similarities are rather striking…)

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