Kevin Spacey pays it forward during a nacho bar interview

(I’m over at the office of Long Awkward Pause today, where we are kicking off Kevin Spacey Week. Don’t bother looking for a Hallmark card. But you might want to tune in May 28, when he’ll be a guest on our podcast. I know — we’re not sure how that happened either. Especially after my interview with him…)

image Though known for being tight-lipped about his private life, earlier this month it became no secret Kevin Spacey loves Mexican food. So it was no surprise when the two-time ®Oscar winner chose to meet for our interview at a quiet table in the back of Casa de Papitas, or “House of Chips,” a Hollywood-area nacho bar nicknamed “The Mexican Brown Derby” because of its celebrity clientele. I crossed the busy dining area past the nacho bar, which was nearly depleted after a visit from Brad and Angelina’s family, and saw Spacey at a small table in an alcove taking a selfie with a Mariachi band member.

“Let’s see how much s**t we can stir up with this Tweet, El Presidente,” said Spacey, who then motioned me over and stuck out his hand. “You must be from Long Awkward Pause.”

Admittedly star-struck, I only nodded.

“I figured as much, because this handshake is lasting way too long and is becoming awkward,” he said, then paused. “See what I just did there?” (Read more at LAP…)

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31 thoughts on “Kevin Spacey pays it forward during a nacho bar interview”

  1. Oh my goodness, I love Kevin Spacey and I had no idea you did podcasts, I would love to listen to that interview. Where would I find the link? #AlsoStarStruck

    1. The podcast, called “Over The Line With Jack and Joe,” will have Spacey on the May 28 show, but I don’t have the specifics yet. However, I know Long Awkward Pause will be posting the air time soon, so keep checking there or sign-up to follow the blog and get updates in your email 🙂

    1. You have my permission to shoot me if I ever squeal under any circumstance, other than being cast as Ned Beatty’s character in a remake of “Deliverance.”

  2. How did I miss this?? Was I drinking?? Again?? Well, this was so Nedilicious! Will hope that you are posting a link to the podcast – which sounds a little too invasiony body snatcher-ish, but post it anyway, and I’ll carry an ax while I watch/listen.

    1. P.S. Yes, I know the interview itself wasn’t ‘real’, but those invasiony things are. I’m pretty sure. So yeah, I’m still going to carry an ax regardless.

    2. It’s understandable; my writing often makes people want to drink. As for the podcast, I believe it’s running sometime tomorrow on the LAP webcast pod link, which is really just a fancy way of saying “click here” on the LAP icon tomorrow.

      But I’d keep an axe handy just in case.

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