Out of sheer frustration, I made a meme

I don’t know why, but this always chaps me: Carts left within arm’s reach of the corral. Parked 100 yards away and it’s too far to walk? I get that. Or maybe you’re an old smoker and you only have so much air left in your oxygen tank? I understand. Or possibly you’re meeting your wife at home and don’t want to waste a single second because the kids are gone until tomorrow, and walking an extra 50 feet could mean the difference between another round of “naughty airport security pat-down” or the sound of teenagers whining about dinner?

I totally understand.

But this… THIS!

You’re so close! Why not go the extra mile?

So when I saw this in the parking lot yesterday, I had to work through it by taking a photo and dealing with it in my own way…


My rant is now officially over. Thank you for listening. And if this was you, let’s give another 10 percent and actually get that cart into the corral next time, huh? Because you’ll be the first one whining when your car gets dinged by a runaway cart.

Or runaway humor columnist…

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83 thoughts on “Out of sheer frustration, I made a meme”

  1. I meet laziness with laziness and whenever I see a cart in the middle of a parking space, rather than skipping a perfectly good and car-free spot, I ease my car between the lines and nudge the cart out with the bumper of my car. Wha-la! It’s a community service really. And why my front bumper looks likes it’s been in a fight with a particularly aggressive alley cat.

  2. Maybe the person who left the cart there just outside of the cart corral was out sick that day in kindergarten when they were taught the concept of coloring within the lines.

    And thanks for informing me that the proper name for what I used to call “that area in the parking lot where you’re supposed to leave your empty shopping carts” is a “cart corral.” I did not know it had a name!

    1. I suppose it’s possible they missed kindergarten the day they taught manners. Maybe their parents were busy returning a cart properly?

      And if nothing else, I like to think this blog is educational. Then again, I also like to think my dog is a highly intelligent being from another planet…

  3. I am so glad I’m not the only one that is frustrated by this. Another?? No one pushes the carts all the way INTO the corral so there are maybe 4 carts in it and a line of them clean into the parking lot… *grumble, mumble, grumble*

          1. When the carts are all bunched up at the opening to the corral, I shove mine into the last one, line them up and push the whole nested mess inside like it belongs. *taking bow* You can thank me later! πŸ˜€ Pay it forward.

    1. Thanks, Maggie πŸ˜‰ I know I sound a bit like a curmudgeon, but hey β€” at least I put my cart in the corral. And that’s not any kind of innuendo.

  4. I’ve actually run into the opposite of this—a cart from a store that’s at least five miles away somehow made it onto the third floor of my apartment building. Probably took some effort to pull that off.

    1. I apologize if my last comment came through like eight times. It’s not that I thought my reply was that funny; it just didn’t seem to be working.

  5. We’re living in a society dominated by a “I WANT IT NOW AND I WANT IT FAST!” mentality, Ned. Personally, I blame TV – and the Kardashians.

    1. Definitely a guy. Leaving the cart just inches away from the corral is the same thought process as dropping dirty socks in front of the hamper or shoving pizza boxes under the couch cushions. Yeah, gotta be a guy.

    1. I’m pretty sure he went to where all the single socks are. If he is returned to us, the socks will be too and the whole freakin’ parking lot will be lost. It may actually be preferable if he just stays where he is. I’ll move the cart.

    1. Ugh! I ALWAYS look behind me when I go through a door. It’s just good manners and a sign that you’re not completely self absorbed. I rarely lose my temper. But a lack of manners is one of my few triggers. My wife and I were at the movies once, and when she came back from the rest room the guy at the end of the row wouldn’t move his legs and asked her to go around.

      Trigger PULLED.

      I went off on him and told him he better never tell my wife, or any other woman, to take the long way around because he was too damned lazy to move his feet β€” and that I’d be more than happy to move them for him by dragging him out of the theater.

      Ironically, we were there to see a comedy… πŸ˜‰

  6. On the other hand, maybe the corral was full when the person parked it there and the person who collects carts to take them back to the store came along and said to himself “Fuck that, they don’t pay me enough to take an extra cart!”

    1. Lol! I’d say that was a definite possibility if it wasn’t 8:45 in the morning, well before things get busy. Nope, just plain old laziness at work here.

  7. This is right up there with those freaking lazy, annoying people who walk upstairs a million times & leave the crap on the stairs. It appears they don’t see it or perhaps they are going somewhere other than the top of the stairs…CRAP…it’s my family, isn’t it?

    1. LOL! I feel your pain! Our daughter will pass by her clothes on the stairs 10 times while she goes to get her phone, grab a teen magazine she forgot to bring down, check her Kindle, etc. And she’ll run each time. But ask her to take her clothes up and BAM β€” instant exhaustion!

  8. This chaps my hide, too. Everyone needs to follow the rules. When I put my cart back yesterday, I gave it the hard shove to push it to the end of the corral, so that it didn’t roll backwards. These people are the same ones who can’t park in the lines or take up two spaces or stop the microwave with two seconds left of cooking. Deviants.

    1. They are also the ones who shove the smaller carts into the same row as the bigger carts. Haven’t they ever seen Sesame Street and “One of These Things Is Not Like the Other?!?”

  9. maybe it was one of those times where you’re like across the way and you aim up and push the buggy towards it… and then it’s like oh it didn’t go in but now I’d have to walk all the way over there and actually get it in… but it’s close enough… or maybe the whole buggy thing was full and the guy who gets them came and got them all except the one that was outside of it because that would’ve been 1 too many… or maybe the buggy was trying to sneak away and had to stop when you saw it… way to stop a buggy from reaching freedom…

  10. I couldn’t help but notice the cart in question doesn’t have that thing where you have to put in a quarter (is there a word for that thing in English?:s), which kinda makes me wonder where all the other carts went…Perhaps this person was being a good citizen by at least not taking his or her cart home?

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