Sounding off about the dangers of sitting

image Last Friday, I offered a “sneak preview” audio snippet of Monday’s upcoming column/blog post. Everyone seemed to like this idea so, naturally, I got very excited and wasted no time in accidentally deleting my SoundCloud account. I went ahead and started a new account, which I plan to fill with full versions of my columns read by James Earl Jones. In the meantime, I’ll keep offering Friday “sneak preview” snippets because it’s fun.

And also, James Earl Jones still isn’t answering my calls.

Monday’s column, It Might be Time To Take a Stand on Sitting, is about a new study released from the Annals of Internal Medicine (Yes, I realize how that sounnds) that suggests sitting dramatically increases our chances of premature death, even if we exercise regularly.

And yes, I have now been standing for 78 hours.

Anyway, here’s a preview of this Monday’s post!


If you’d like a copy, I’m currently taking standing orders.

See you Monday!



(Ned Hickson is a syndicated columnist with News Media Corporation. His first book, Humor at the Speed of Life, is available from Port Hole Publications, or Barnes & Noble.)

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35 thoughts on “Sounding off about the dangers of sitting”

  1. I can heartily attest to the message about the dangers of sitting. I’m confused, though. They say that eating while standing is “bad” for your digestion. I used to eat at the Imbiss every day standing up (and swigging a beer) when i worked and lived in Germany. Now that I am back in the States I sit at the computer all day. They delivered oxygen to my home last week………

      1. I don’t want to make it sound like standing on the strasse is a bad thing. (You must be thinking of Amsterdam) Standing on the Autobahn might be – but in the quaint towns you will find mostly very comfortable tables at cafes. At the German equivalent of “fast food” (the Imbiss) you can get lots of tantalizing sandwiches and not just bratwurst. Mettwurst is my favorite. Raw ground pork and raw onion slices with salt and pepper on a fresh brotchen. No mustard. Ummmmmmmmm

  2. Oh my old XP won’t process the sound clouds Ned. i look forwad to getting a new computer and coming back to listen.

  3. I read an article about sitting being bad for you. And I’ve been trying to not sit so much and mix it up with lying down. Does that count? Probably not. I’m doooomed….

    1. My hubby sits all day in front of a computer for his job… it has caused him to gain 20 lbs in the last year! We are on mission to do something about that! I just sit in front of mine so I can read blogs…. LOL!

    1. I thought that I was the problem BN, but then I downloaded Google Chrome and I could listen – at least before Ned erased his sound cloud. I’m in Ottawa,

      1. I’m using Google Chrome Paul & I still can’t get it. Oh well, serves me right for being so late in reading this. Thanks for the advice Paul!

        1. Ha! Sorry Benze – I was phonetic there Benz- Neez. I realized after that I had abbreviated wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

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