Breaking News your cat will probably deny…


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I was a journalist, humor columnist, writer and editor at Siuslaw News for 23 years. The next chapter in my own writer’s journey is helping other writers prepare their manuscript for the road ahead. I'm married to the perfect woman, have four great kids, and a tenuous grip on my sanity...

22 thoughts on “Breaking News your cat will probably deny…”

      1. Are you kidding?? … we kept that silly cat alive for 19 and 1/2 years. He was VERY well treated! But I am done with kitty kats! No more hair, litter box, medicine every day, expensive cat food, teeth cleaning every six months, going to the vet every 3 for steroid shot, groomer every 6 weeks etc etc etc! There are humans that don’t get better care!! LOL!

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