I’m expecting a call from James Cameron any minute…


It all started a week ago with me in a red thong. No, not for the uh… re-tooling… of the Magic Mike franchise. I’m talking about the making of a video spoof called “Terminator: Nedisys,” which went live this morning. It started as just a crazy idea to have fun with the new Terminator movie, which comes out Tuesday. But then I had an idea about using it as a new kind of an advertising vehicle for our newspaper by promoting businesses through a funny video people would want to share.

Suddenly, our budget expanded exponentially. Special effects costs alone ballooned to a jaw-dropping $12.98.

Still, I’m happy to say our 6-minute film came in under budget in spite of our extensive shooting schedule of: 1 day.

Plus our generous post-production schedule of: 1 day.

As I mentioned, I do wear a red thong in part of this to give the illusion of nakedness. Better here than in IMAX 3D…

By the way, this WILL be showing on the big screen at City Lights Cinemas here in town Tuesday night, before the premiere of the REAL Terminator movie at 7 p.m. If you happen to be in town, please come to the showing!

Hmmm, “showing” probably isn’t the right word…

55 thoughts on “I’m expecting a call from James Cameron any minute…

  1. Well done! What a howl. You really have the walk and affect (or I guess that would be lack of affect) down. James will surely be calling any minute now….

  2. So, will you still continue to write once you become a famous movie star? Should I hold my breath awaiting that event?

    (I have to know – did those people in the bar know ahead of time you would be walking in wearing that red thong?)

    • I’m already back at the keyboard for next week’s column!
      By the way, here’s a movie secret: I only had a thong on during the sand dunes scene. In the bar I had pants on. Not that anyone would’ve noticed anyway.

  3. How many times has we seen the ads saying wear sunblock while time traveling! i hope you also made sure to check for ticks after those hours in and around all that foliage.

    Hahaha… another perfect Ned spectacle. ❀ it.
    Still going to help though, to undo optical damage.

  4. That was hilarious Ned! Wandering around lost in a garden center for 2 hours – ha! – that would definitely happen to me. Awesome advertising for local businesses too. “i’ll be back” ha! Delivering the newspapers – I’d be too nice not to. Are you sure the Nedinator isn’t Canadian? He’s awful polite. Your camera woman did an excellent job. Kudos!

    Superb advertising tool.

    • Thanks, Anawni! It really was a blast. We only had one full day to do it, so it was a real-life “race against time.” Being able to have all my firefighter pals in it was half the fun πŸ˜‰

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  6. OMG! OMG! I laughed so hard when the hubs and I watched this the other night. Wandering through the flowers was the last straw – I can’t believe I didn’t see you. I wander in flowers all of the time.
    And…last night was the premiere. Did you go???

    • When I first heard one of the sponsors was a garden center, I thought., “What am I going to do with that?” Then I thought, “Oh, I’ll just get lost like I always do outdoors.”

      And yes, it premiered last night at the theater before Arnold’s flick. First time I’ve ever gotten to watch and hear a theater-full of people laugh at something I did. Pretty awesome.

      Oh, and Arnold’s movie was pretty good too. Not nearly as much laughing, though…

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