I’m shucking excited over my new book cover

image As I admitted a few weeks ago, I spent the morning with an oyster. Nothing kinky. Just a photo shoot for the cover of my new book coming out in September. Given that the title is a play on words related to pearls and shucking, the idea of incorporating an actual oyster into the cover seemed the responsible thing to do. For about two hours, a photographer friend, Joshua Greene, did his best to capture something cover-worthy.

And let me tell you, holding an oyster as it slow-cooks under the lights is its own special kind of hell. By the time it was over, I was essentially holding nature’s seafood petri dish of shellfish poisoning.

When it was over, I thanked Joshua profusely. He shook my hand and smiled. “Let’s not ever do this again.”

I posted the top five picks here a few days later and a lot of you offered your feedback, which I really appreciate. The final image (above) was among the top two, which I then sent to another friend, Eric Wilder, who I met several years ago in the WordPress blogosphere at The Grimm Report (a hilarious but, sadly, now defunct blog offering news reports from the land of fairytales.) In addition to being an author, Eric also has a highly successful graphic design business, Wilder Design and Advertising, a beautiful wife and children, is stylish, uber talented, and even knows what to do with all that extra silverware at fancy restaurants.

Yet some how, in spite of all that, he’s simply too nice to dislike — and I consider myself extremely fortunate to call him a friend. 

I just wanted to thank the folks who are helping making this next book possible, including Joshua, Eric and my publisher, Ellen Traylor, at Port Hole Publishing.

But I especially want to thank all of YOU for your continued support and inspiration from within, as well as beyond, the blogosphere. I had no idea what to expect when I started this blog. Now, four years later, I realize it was because it has been better than I could’ve imagined.

Thank you for that. And also for forgiving me about that whole red-thong incident…

The No. 3 vote from all of you, which is why I only sent Eric the top 2...
The No. 3 vote from all of you, which is why I only sent Eric the top 2.


I should also include this last-minute cover design by another talented friend (just not when it comes to book cover design) Randall Willis, who sent this in a few minutes after this post went live..

I'm actually saving this for my first horror novel some day...

As I said, the blogosphere is better than I ever imagined.

Most of the time.

Actually, I’m saving this cover of my first horror novel…

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38 thoughts on “I’m shucking excited over my new book cover”

  1. I love the cover but to be honest I don’t really care what picture you use – I don’t judge books that way (wink, wink) – I just want you to hurry up so I can read what’s inside. So happy you are one step closer. :o)

  2. An oyster holds both something beautiful, and something resembling snot that could be potentially kill you. It’s like the ultimate crossroads – choose wisely. I’d say that comes pretty close to life. :p

  3. The cover is great Ned! Is #3 possibly on the inside flap? Lololol. Now, that new cover would make a great horror cover! Lmao, joking. But still funny. 🙂

    1. Haha! So could umbrella hats, but I kind of doubt it 😉 By the way, just so you don’t think I’m a total weirdo, here’s a little context behind the red thong incident…

  4. Late to the party, but I have to say I love the cover, the title, and the fact that you’ve done it again! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to read this one, too!

      1. You’re a handsome man, Ned… but I heard your mustache tickles.

        By the way, you make it tough for a guy to indulge in self-pity you know that?

        1. I’m a happily married man, so you’ll never know for sure about the mustache part…

          And any day I can keep someone from self-pity is a good day in my book, my friend 😉

  5. Great cover Ned, oysters and all. Hope your book is a big Shucking success! I’ve been having a lot of fun making covers, they are a challenge aren’t they. Best of luck and keep writing!

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