Please join me for #ourweekofpeace (and I don’t mean the kids are gone)

imageIn early July, when Kendall F. Person first invited me to be a part of the annual #ourweekofpeace, I of course said “Yes” for many reasons, not the least of which was because it’s an opportunity to collaborate with other artists — writers, musicians, poets, singers and photographers — in a week-long tribute to peace in our world. Little did I know how, within just a few days of our conversation, the world would seem to come crashing down in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Dallas and, most recently, France.

Once again, we have a reason to mourn senseless tragedy.

The importance of expressing our thoughts and the need for peace is crucial right now. I’m humbled to join artists from around the world Aug. 1-7, when The Public Blogger presents its annual Our Week of Peace collaborative, coincidentally during a time when we need it most. I hope you’ll join me, along the dozens of other artists, as each of us presents our own perspective on peace through our art. Here’s a snippet of what it’s all about… 


Each day has a theme:

Aug. 1 — “Native America,” with presentations by Yavonne Squeaky Penn, PSY FI and Nadine Jordan

Aug. 2 — “Fatherhood,” with Thomas Lemke and Robert Miles III

Aug. 3 — “Media Day,” with a live Facebook feed from Robert Webster, a video about the role of journalism by me (Ned Hickson), and a presentation by the show’s producer Kendall F. Person.

Aug. 4 — “Law Enforcement Day,” with Kelly Lewis and members of law enforcement

Aug. 6 — “Our Day of Peace,” with live exchanges from around the world at The Public Blogger Facebook page and

Aug. 7 — “Voice of the People,” with Robert M. Goldstein.

Others are continuing to join in the event as it continues to evolve into a truly world-wide collective focusing on peace through an exchange of ideas, perspectives and artistic expression.

Pick a day that most interests you or check in each day that week and become part of the voice for peace.

I promise I won’t sing…





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9 thoughts on “Please join me for #ourweekofpeace (and I don’t mean the kids are gone)”

  1. I love this and will look forward to following it! Humor has the potential to do huge good in this.

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