I hope you’ll join me for some peace today

imageSeveral weeks ago, Kendall F. Person invited me to be a part of his #OURWEEKOFPEACE at The Public Blogger. The idea was to bring artists, musicians, writers, statesmen, poets and others together to discuss and express their thoughts on the meaning of peace in our world.

Each day has a different theme, culminating this Saturday in a public “Shout Out to Peace,” which is an opportunity for everyone around the world to contribute their voice in their own way, be it through their written word, videos, photography, music or simply by sharing in the day.

Today’s theme is “Media,” and I have the privilege of opening it with a video about the importance of journalism in our democracy — a notion underscored by the fact that our forefathers included Freedom of the Press as part of the First Amendment in our Constitution.  Continue reading

Please join me for #ourweekofpeace (and I don’t mean the kids are gone)

imageIn early July, when Kendall F. Person first invited me to be a part of the annual #ourweekofpeace, I of course said “Yes” for many reasons, not the least of which was because it’s an opportunity to collaborate with other artists — writers, musicians, poets, singers and photographers — in a week-long tribute to peace in our world. Little did I know how, within just a few days of our conversation, the world would seem to come crashing down in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Dallas and, most recently, France.

Once again, we have a reason to mourn senseless tragedy.

The importance of expressing our thoughts and the need for peace is crucial right now. I’m humbled to join artists from around the world Aug. 1-7, when The Public Blogger presents its annual Our Week of Peace collaborative, coincidentally during a time when we need it most. I hope you’ll join me, along the dozens of other artists, as each of us presents our own perspective on peace through our art. Here’s a snippet of what it’s all about…  Continue reading

There goes “The Neighborhood” (and it’s probably my fault)

image If the blog-o-sphere had a homeowners association, I’d probably get kicked out of the neighborhood for not mowing the lawn.

And maybe for still having my Christmas lights up in July.

But there is no homeowners association here. In fact, no one knows WHO’s running this place. Which might explain how I managed to get invited to be a special guest in “The Neighborhood” for this week’s episode of “The Lives We Live.”

For those who aren’t familiar with this blog-based show, it began last week with seven bloggers from around the world. Each contributes something — a video, post, song — about themselves and the life they live. Following each episode, someone is voted off. This might explain why I was asked to be a guest — and not a participant…

Send him home before the rose ceremony so we can avoid all of the awkward crying and begging.

The show’s host, Kendall F. Person, asked me for a short video highlighting something from my life; something compelling that would let people know who I am. I told him he could either have “compelling” OR something about “me,” but finding something about me that was also compelling would be next to impossible. Continue reading