Don’t let disappointment keep you from voting

imageAfter becoming editor here at Siuslaw News in September, I began writing an Opinion piece a few times a month called “From the Editor’s Desk.” It had been several years since our newspaper had a regular opinion piece written by its editor. Being that most of our readers knew me only as a humor columnist, I felt it was an opportunity to show a different side and, hopefully, connect with the community in a different way.

I also saw it as a way to build an ongoing dialogue with our readers so that they don’t just read the newspaper, but feel like they are a part of it. The response has been terrific and, over the last several weeks, our Opinion page has become a lively, respectful exchange of viewpoints and insights.

If only I could say the same about this year’s election. 

Speaking of which, here’s my Opinion piece for today’s paper…


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17 thoughts on “Don’t let disappointment keep you from voting”

  1. Here, here! (I already cast my vote). It’s easy to sit back and whine about the situation at hand, but if someone’s not willing to step up and provide a better solution, it’s time to do the adult thing and do just what you suggest. Do your homework! My son was learning in social studies about sources of information; when you are researching something, what is a trusted source? What is bias? And such. At 12 years old. Even he knows not to base your voting information on National Enquirer headlines and Fox News.

    And I’m not surprised that the response to your op-ed pieces has been great. Keep it up!

      1. You’re welcome! My kid might struggle with math, reading and writing, but his ability to critically analyze information is excellent. Getting his blog going is meeting with some old school trauma, so for now, it’s slow going. Once he’s able to get a paragraph written for a post, I’ll show it off to the world.

  2. I am in US Govt this semester which is an interesting class to begin with, but to be in there during the Election is really fun. My teacher is awesome and we discuss the election a lot. I HAD to watch ALL of the debates and write papers on them. That was a little painful, but I am much more informed where Hillary and Trump stand. HOWEVER, I will not be voting for either of them. I am voting though. I just do not want to be responsible for putting either one of them in office. I am a firm believer that even if you don’t vote, you are still voting. And if you don’t vote, you have zero right to complain about whoever is in office!! Every vote does count…

  3. Well said — and well worth the read, despite the eye strain. 🙂 I find it ironic that a journalist is actually using an opinion column to NOT opine about his favorite candidate (and, yes, I agree, it is hard to choose a favorite this go around). So much of what is passed off as journalism these days IS opinion — even if it’s in choosing what to report and what to ignore or what to hide beneath the fold or in spaces online where it is unlikely to be noticed. Kudos to you for encouraging us to live up to the privilege of being an American. That is an opinion I can readily support. Good job!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara, I truly appreciate it. And you’re so right about “selective journalism.” Edward R. Murrow talked about its potential to creep into mainstream journalism with the advent — and uncomfortable marriage — of TV news and entertainment. Here we are all these years later, and he couldn’t have been more correct.

      1. Too true. I saw an episode of The Contenders, I believe it is called, that featured Gary Hart. It included a clip of him commenting about the invasive media coverage that forced him to withdraw from the presidential race in which he worried that “we may, in fact, get the kind of leaders we deserve.” He and Morrow were correct.

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