There goes “The Neighborhood” (and it’s probably my fault)

image If the blog-o-sphere had a homeowners association, I’d probably get kicked out of the neighborhood for not mowing the lawn.

And maybe for still having my Christmas lights up in July.

But there is no homeowners association here. In fact, no one knows WHO’s running this place. Which might explain how I managed to get invited to be a special guest in “The Neighborhood” for this week’s episode of “The Lives We Live.”

For those who aren’t familiar with this blog-based show, it began last week with seven bloggers from around the world. Each contributes something — a video, post, song — about themselves and the life they live. Following each episode, someone is voted off. This might explain why I was asked to be a guest — and not a participant…

Send him home before the rose ceremony so we can avoid all of the awkward crying and begging.

The show’s host, Kendall F. Person, asked me for a short video highlighting something from my life; something compelling that would let people know who I am. I told him he could either have “compelling” OR something about “me,” but finding something about me that was also compelling would be next to impossible.

Here’s a brief snippet from a teaser that ran yesterday…

Think of me as the halftime show. Except without the sexually charged energy.

That said, I’m excited to be a part of The Neighborhood in this attempt to break new ground in the blog-o-sphere with a reality-style show. Especially since I didn’t have to wear a thong.

Actually, everyone’s excited about that.

So come join me over at The Neighborhood for The Lives We Live, and meet the six remaining contestants: Ex-madam Martina Right, Nashville recording artist Lance Stinson, Newlyweds Clifton and Marla Davis, illiustrator James D. Foster, poet and song-writer Flower Crittenden, and Celonacharles Okpere Iphy of Lagos, Nigeria.

I’m on right after the newlyweds, which seems appropriate. Then again, if something goes wrong in the marriage, guess who they are going to blame?

I hope to see you in The Neighborhood

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37 thoughts on “There goes “The Neighborhood” (and it’s probably my fault)”

          1. Oh dear… Now I need to explain everything to my colleagues. Spraying coffee over the place like that raises questions…. LOL

  1. If you didn’t get kicked out of this neighborhood for running around in a red thong, you should be safe for not mowing your lawn. Besides, this homeowners association allows you to just copy and paste somebody else’s lawn just by clicking the Reblog button.

  2. I am just sneaking in to this neighborhood and I already love it, charge me an association fee- it is well worth it. Now delete this in case someone gets some wild idea and starts charging for this and then everyone throws hand grenade’s at me at the next block party. I will be voting, so think before you light the wick and aim.

    1. Wow! It sounds like you’ve already been to one of our block parties! We usually have to move afterward — but I’ll send you the forwarding address 😉

  3. You were like the Intermission. Them folks take them selves pretty seriously – your vid was a great break. I must confess I had serious neighbors like that before too – sigh. Awesome and funny video Ned. As far as I’m concerned. you win!

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