Wake UP! I’m reporting Live from the Oscars! (On my TV)

image Being a journalist, I am bringing you Academy Awards updates and observations throughout the evening LIVE! As they happen!

On my television…

Okay, for those who have been unable to watch the Oscars this year due to unavoidable circumstances (The Walking Dead), here are the winners so far:

Anyone who had anything to do with the movie “Gravity.”

The Academy even created a new award recognizing the planet Earth for having gravity…

10 thoughts on “Wake UP! I’m reporting Live from the Oscars! (On my TV)

  1. I’m the only person ion Nirth America that hasn’t seen the movie yet – did the Canada-Arm have a walk on part? We Canucks are proud of our contribution. We have gavity too, did we win anything?

  2. LOL, thank you making the sacrifice and watching the Oscars. I tried, I really tried, but it was so darn boring, I kept forgetting what I was doing. Even my husband was begging for another fashion commentary just to break the monotony.

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