Yet another exciting moment LIVE from the Oscars (on my TV)

image Being a journalist, I am bringing you Academy Awards updates and observations throughout the evening LIVE! As they happen!

On my television…

I really thought I might win an Oscar for Best Live-Action Short since it was the only category Gravity wasn’t nominated in. I guess it’s about who you know.

And probably talent.

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20 thoughts on “Yet another exciting moment LIVE from the Oscars (on my TV)”

  1. I still say it was a dangerous and unpredictable downdraft that caused you to slide down the pole – the kind that causes a serious threat to planes taking off and landing. You did a public service by demonstarting how dangerous down drafts are. Personally I would vote for you to win! (So selfless and concerned about public safety.)

  2. The other thing about the movie ‘Gravity’ was that gravity seemed to be notable absent throughout most of it…your movie definitely has more gravity than ‘Gravity’. And I see you do your own stunts as well!

  3. Also, Best Soundtrack in a Live-Action Short should go to your lovely wife for the laughter.
    I’m sorry I missed this last night. Too funny!

    1. If I could have voted for myself, then maybe we would have equaled a “somebody.” Because, if 9th-grade math serves me, to nothings equal a something — right?

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